Orlando Consular Corps Spotlight

Consul of the Week

In 1995 the French Minister of Foreign Affairs appointed Brigitte Dagot was appointed as the Honorary Consul of France, for North and Central Florida. She continues to serve in that capacity and is Dean of The Orlando Consular Corps. Ms. Dagot assists French tourists and investors in Central Florida. She also assists French businesses that are trying to establish themselves in the area and helps French delegations when they visit Central Florida. Additionally, she is at times involved in diplomatic matters and organizes diplomatic visits from Ministers of France. 


In 2000 the French Government knighted Brigitte Dagot as “Chevalier De L’ordre Du Merite” which is among the highest of distinctions a person may be honored to receive in France. She received her title and the attendant recognition based upon her extraordinary contributions. She is known to go well beyond the call of duty or normal expectations when called upon by the French government.


Ms. Brigitte Dagot is President of the French American Business Consul in Orlando, Florida. She is an accomplished businesswoman and professional. She owns a tourist and marketing company. Ms. Dagot also organizes monthly events to connect French businesses with local businesses as to facilitate business and cultural interaction.