Orlando Consular Corps Spotlight

Consul of the Week

Whether as a world ranked ATP tennis professional on the international circuit or later as an American business entrepreneur, Roman Inochovsky (EE-NO-KOV-SKEE) has consistently exhibited a competitive spirit, drive, focus and passion for whatever he undertakes.

Mr. Inochovsky is the CEO of Synergy Financial Solutions (SFS), a wealth planning and management firm with services focused on affluent individuals and families. The impetus behind the creation of SFS was to create a firm that integrates the wealthy family’s investment, tax, asset protection, wealth transfer, philanthropic goals and lifestyle management into a multi- dimensional comprehensive strategy that emphasizes convenience, privacy and information access any time…anywhere. SFS provides a la carte services primarily to physicians, dentists and entrepreneurs who are extremely busy working in their profession and are in need for a trusted ‘quarterback’ in their life to oversee and manage their private life and extra- curricular activities. Furthermore, Mr. Inochovsky provides alternative strategies that principally focus on capital preservation and guaranteed re- turns and most importantly are not market driven.

Mr. Inochovsky was educated in Germany and the USA. He obtained his PhD in International Business and Law from Kensington University and an MBA from Embry-Riddle University. He speaks English, German and Czech fluently and French conversationally. Mr. Inochovsky is an avid flyer, holds a pilot and flight instructor license for single and multi-engine planes, instrument and commercial application. He enjoys public speaking on industry related topics and business in general. He also mentors students on subjects such as foreign languages, entrepreneurship, business management and the importance of globalization. Mr. Inochovsky is on the board of directors of several companies in Central Florida. In addition to his wealth management career Mr. Inochovsky has been appointed as the Honorary Consul to the Czech Republic in Flor- ida. He assists Czech citizens who live in or visit Florida and equally important Mr. Inochovsky assists in improving the business relations between the Czech Republic and the USA.